Westgate Avenue Streetscape Improvements

SCOPE: Right of Way improvements on Westgate Avenue between Congress Avenue and Wabasso Drive


  • Palm Beach County BCC & Administration
  • Palm Beach County Engineering Department
  • Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency
  • FDoT District 4
  • Westgate CRA

COST: Approx. $11 million 

  • FDoT programmed reimbursement – $3.22 million

COMPLETION: Construction mobilization began in early January 2024

This capital improvements project + economic development driver will reduce lanes from five to three on Westgate Avenue from Suwanee Avenue to Wabasso Drive, add bike lanes, on-street parking, pedestrian-scale lighting, and landscaping in the right-of-way.

The project was conceived through a 2016 grant awarded by the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) Community Planning Technical Assistance Grant Program to engage consultants to assist in the preparation of a Westgate Avenue Corridor Streetscape Plan. The purpose of the Plan was to create a streetscape design to improve functionality, walkability and multi-modal transit opportunities and to beautify, enhance and create an environment to attract new investment and expand economic vitality along the Westgate Avenue corridor. The Streetscape Plan incorporated input from community and local government stakeholders via a two-part charrette process.  

During the FY 2018 Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) Local Initiatives (LI) grant cycle, the CRA, in partnership with PBC Engineering, was awarded  $3.22 million in funding from FDOT implement the project.

westgate graphic