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CRA Projects

Accomplishments & Ongoing Work Efforts

One of the primary reasons for establishing the Westgate CRA in 1989 was to assist the County in completing area-specific infrastructure improvements including sanitary sewer, water, drainage and flood mitigation, as well as street and sidewalk improvements. The goal is to encourage investment interest, lay the groundwork for vertical redevelopment, and generally improve living conditions for residents in this historically underserved area.

In the past 34 years, the CRA completed well over $32 million in infrastructure improvements, expanding the scope of its community improvement projects to include the creation of open space and public parks and workforce housing projects through partnerships with local not-for-profit groups. Below, we highlight a few of those completed projects.

Multiple streetscape projects that enhance walkability and mobility and improve pedestrian safety are actively underway.

For more information on Streetscape Projects, please click on the tiles below or visit the following webpage for construction progress and schedule updates:

https://westgatecrastreetscapeprojects.com/ [westgatecrastreetscapeprojects.com]