Belvedere Heights Sidewalks & Streetlights Project + Drainage Improvements/Water Main Replacement

SCOPE: 8 local roads in the Belvedere Heights neighborhood

  • Phase I – Upland Road to Worthington Road
  • Phase II – Wellington Road to Bridgeman Road


  • Palm Beach County BCC & Administration
  • Palm Beach County Engineering Department
  • Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency
  • FDoT District 4
  • Rosso Site Development
  • Westgate CRA

COST: Approx. $3.902 million (Phases I & II)

  • FDoT grant award – $2 million (Phases I & II)
  • CRA TIF match – approx. $1.902 million (Phases I & II)

COMPLETION: Phase 1 was completed in FY 22. Phase II was completed in FY 23

This 2-phase capital improvements project installed pedestrian-scale streetlights and constructed sidewalks on 8 local roads withing the Belvedere Heights neighborhood where there were previously none.

The CRA, in partnership with PBC Engineering, was awarded $1 million in FDoT funding from the Palm Beach TPA TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) in FY 17/18 to implement Phase I which included 5 local roads in the BH neighborhood. In FY 18/19, the CRA was awarded $1 million in funding from the TPA’s TAP for Phase II to completed the remaining 3 local roads.


  • Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department
  • Engenuity Group, Inc. 
  • Westgate CRA

COST: Approx. $2.365 million

  • Palm Beach County Water Utilties –  Phase I & II water main replacement $2.2 million
  • Westgate CRA – Phase I & II drainage improvements $2.365 million

COMPLETION: All drainage and water main replacement work was completed by the end of FY 22

In response to community feedback, work in the Belvedere Heights neighborhood was expanded in 2020 to address chronic drainage and flooding issues. In partnership with the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department, the CRA replaced antiquated water mains and installed an upgraded drainage system on all local roads in Belvedere Heights in advance of each phase of the TPA TAP streetlights and sidewalks project.

image of neighborhood street with new lights