About Us

Who We Are


The Westgate/Belvedere Homes Community Redevelopment Agency was created to encourage the redevelopment of the Westgate area of unincorporated Palm Beach County.

Our ongoing mission is to eliminate blighted conditions and increase the tax base through community engagement, economic opportunity, new housing availability, and improvements to public infrastructure.


We envision a diverse, safe, and economically vibrant community.


The CRA upholds the values framework of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in its workplace environment, partnerships, as well as in its community approach.


We work with our business community and residents to renew and revitalize the District in a manner that respects its unique history. Through community engagement we build trust. We partner with local government to access State and Federal funding opportunities to build housing, improve infrastructure and roadways, and create open space. We forge public-private partnerships with development and investment groups to redevelop vacant and blighted properties within the District. We recognize and act on opportunities to work together to deliver the Agency’s mandate.


We continually strive to implement the projects and programs of the Community Redevelopment Plan to move the needle toward achieving the mission and vision of the Agency.


We adapt to challenges and change and remain flexible in our approach to redevelopment .