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Redevelopment Focus Areas

With the adoption of the amended Community Redevelopment Plan in 2017, the Westgate CRA shifted its focus from priority public infrastructure improvements  to economic development and vertical redevelopment.

The CRA established focus areas based on an analysis of existing conditions and the identification of opportunities, needs and challenges in the redevelopment area. Focus areas may overlap since many CRA activities are interrelated and serve a common purpose. The projects and programs of the CRA are designed to solve underlying problems which have a blighting influence on the redevelopment area, satisfy basic needs of the resident and business community, or take advantage of opportunities for economic advancement and aesthetic improvement.

The Redevelopment Plan outlines strategies in its Redevelopment Work Program for the following Focus Areas:

  • Economic Development & Redevelopment
  • Market Positioning
  • Housing
  • Community Engagement
  • Public Infrastructure Improvements & Public Spaces
  • Planning for Redevelopment